BFC is Colorado Craft Beer History!

Why does Colorado have the best beer?

Water quality, ingredients, creativity and know how.  On average Colorado has some of the best water quality in the nation and that comes through in our beer.  Colorado brewers focus on unique fresh ingredients that help preserve not only the additive but the crisp flavors of each beer style.  With such a vibrant community the creativity is natural but Colorado brewers are always experimenting and they are not worried about failing but hoping for happy accidents.  Combine all this with a history of brewing experience and know how and you have a powder keg of amazing craft beer waiting to explode!  Hurray Colorado!

News Alert Colorado Craft Beer is Exploding!

With over 325 breweries in Colorado alone…opps sorry 326 one just opened… This state has an amazing variety of breweries to suit anyone’s preferences and that has created an amazing craft beer community.  This community is so collaborative that it encourages even more start up breweries to open their doors and continue to expand the local market.  Each of these breweries is unique in their own way with a culture, history and environment all their own. So go out and find your favorites Colorado!

Be a part of Colorado Craft Beer History and support your favorite brewery at the next BFC Event.  Follow us on Facebook and our MeetUp group for the latest information!

BFC 3 features Avery, Bootstrap, Boulde

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