Past Main Events

BFC 7.5

Congratulations to Something Brewery for their win at BFC 7.5!

More good times at Beer Fight Club! Beer Fight Club returned for our first event in 2019. This event featured Station 26, Gold Spot, Peak to Peak, Crystal Springs, Alpine Dog, Mountain Cowboy, Joyride and Something Brewery going head to head with their best beers. We had some close battles including 2 fights that were decided by just a single vote! Who says your vote doesn’t matter! Stay tuned for more from Beer Fight Club soon, including a possible home brewers edition of Beer Fight Club at a secret location!

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Pour Tap House to support BFC and all of our competing breweries!


Fort Collins…holly crap that was fun!  Thanks to the Hop Grenade for putting on an amazing event as Verboten came in to town and grabbed the trophy with their “Too Drunk to be an Astronaut” Imperial.  What a complex and delicious beer.  Verboten just barely beat out Snowbank Brewing with their Snow Juice Hazy IPA.


That escalated quickly!  What a great night and great job to Launch Pad Brewing for winning our first regional championship at Peak to Peak with their Piggy Back Rides NE IPA.  Two 22 put up a great fight in the final and we will see you both in our Championship event in 2019!

BFC – The Championship

Congratulations to Lone Tree Brewing for winning the very first Beer Fight Club Championship with their Vanilla Caramel Amber.  They had a great battle in the final against New Image Brewing and thanks to all the amazing breweries for helping us create an EPIC event.


BFC 1 Featured 8 brave breweries from the River North District of Denver.  Beryl’s Beer Co., Black Shirt Brewing, Blue Moon, Epic Brewing, Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, Mockery Brewering Co., River North Brewery and Zephyr Brewing Co.

River North won BFC 1 with their Horray for Hops IPA and Black Shirt Brewing was the runner up with their Foder Aged Saison.


BFC2 hosted 8 breweries from the South Metro Denver Area including Comrade Brewing Co., Declaration Brewing, Fiction Beer Co., Locavore Beer Works, Platt Park Brewing Co., Strange Craft Brewing, 38State Brewing and Ursula Brewery.

Locavore Beer Works won the event with their 2 Fingers IPA and the runner up was 38 State with their NE Style IPA Citradutchess!


BFC 3 had one of our best line ups to date including Avery, Bootstrap, Boulder Beer, Fate, 4 Noses, Gravity, Liquid Mechanics and Odd13.  We had everything from a Watermelon Kolsch, to a Coffee IPA, to Hazy Pale Ale and great IPA’s and final a Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad with Tangerine Zest…wow!

At the end Bootstrap Brewing won with their Stick’s Pale Ale after a great battle with 4 Noses Bout Damn Time IPA.


BFC4 Featured the most diverse 8 beers we have ever had and it made for a great event and some tough choices for our judges.  Lone Tree, Bruz Beers, Resolute, New Terrain, Elk Mountain / Downhill, Little Machine, New Image and Renegade all had amazing beers.

Lone Tree Brewing took home the title with their Vanilla Carmel Amber which had a perfect blend of sweetness, flavor and bitterness and just beat our New Image’s New England Transplant East coast IPA.