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Our Mission

To promote the craft beer industry through healthy competition and have a shit ton of fun along the way!

Our Story

As Colorado Natives we have been witness to the biggest boom in craft beer since pre-prohibition times.  We have seen the birth of giants who brew by the acre and mice that can create masterpieces out of next to nothing.  Now we have been given a chance to create something truly special with the Beer Fight Club and we are enjoying creating relationships with some great Colorado breweries as we seek to find the best beer in Colorado for 2017.

Meet the Team

The Instigator, The Brain and the Muscle!

Adam Schell

The Instigatoradambrick1

Driven by a competitive fire to visit every brewery in Colorado and experience their culture, their passion and their beer.  Adam Schell has been a driving force in creating the Beer Fight Club and will be the MC for the event and head of our social media marketing efforts.


Jeff Flood

The Brainjfloodbrick1

With over 18 years in marketing experience and a passion for skiing, beer and beer skiing.  Jeff Flood is a critical part of the team, bringing experience along with new and creative ideas to help make this the best beer event in the state.


Eric Penick

The Muscle


A fitness freak and over 15 years in sales and person to person business relations.  Eric Penick is the muscle of our organization and by that we mean he does anything and everything needed to make the event a success including organizing the competitors, social media mining and soft marketing through his extensive network.

Want to join the fight?

If you are a craft beer lover and you want to attend an event please see our Upcoming Events Page.

BREWERY? – If you are a brewery and want to join the fight please contact Eric Penick @ Eric@BeerFightClub.com

SPECIAL PROMOTION or FIGHT NIGHTS? – Would you like Beer Fight Club to help you with a special event, promotion or host a private BFC event for your brewery or taproom?  Please contact Adam Schell at Adam@BeerFightClub.com

SPONSOR? – If you are interested in sponsoring or getting involved in the event please contact Jeff Flood at Jeff@BeerFightClub.com

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